What is Old is New Again

jewish-rock1Welcome back to the future. The Rock and Roll Jew Show lives!

The Rock and Roll Jew Show was the second Podcast I produced and it’s one of the longest running Podcasts in history. Some time ago, I got bored with the format and it’s constrictions and killed the show, as I had promised never to do.

That was a mistake

I thought I had to blow up the whole show to gain the freedom to do something new. I like the Album Tracks format I came up with no replace the Jew Show, but I realize now I didn’t have to take such drastic measures. Lately, I have missed the old show and have wanted to do another. Now I finally realize, there is no reason I can’t change the show anyway I like without blowing the whole thing up.

The new Rock and Roll Jew Show will not be like the old one. I will still play great rock, absolutely, but there is no commitment to play music from Israel and there is no set format for number of songs or the pattern. There will also be more open space for me to talk, about whatever. Life, politics, music, technology. I am allowing myself to inject more of me into the show. Album Tracks continues as a feature of the show. Every so often, I will do an Album Tracks show and look in to another album that I love and that was important in my life. There is no reason not to have the best of both worlds.

So welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. This time for real. Promise.