Protest This!

Some days are better, some are worse but all the days are crazy. Religious leaders are dying to find Jesus, literally, and Trump says we should inject ourselves with Clorox. This is life in 2020 America. At least we still have rock and roll.

Also referenced in this show:

Bryan May jam was with Danny Gomez. Check out the link, he’s got some other great stuff too like The Show Must Go On.

Also, check out Chello vs. Guitar jamming with Bryan.

I am doing voiceover now. If you need a voiceover for a corporate narration or commercial, check me out at David Jacobs VO

Music by:

The Living End – What’s on Your Radio

Curt Smith – Mad World

Bryan May and Danny Gomez – Hammer to Fall

Stillwater – Hour of Need

Maggies Dream – Dear Simone

Reactor – Feeling the Love

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