Back to the future 

This is the return of my oldest running podcast, the Rock and Roll Jew Show. I petulantly killed it, which I now realize was a mistake and unnecessary. To move forward, we must go back, yet this will not be the same show it was.

This new version of the show will be more open and flexible. Not holding to any format or number of songs played, it will also feature more of me and talk of thing in general. Unlike the past, there is no commitment to play bands from Israel, although I certainly will and it will still be just about the only Podcast that does.

The new idea of Album Tracks is not going away either, it will simply be another component of the Rock and Roll Jew Show. Every once and awhile, you’ll get an Album Tracks show where I focus on one particular album that was significant in my life.

If you are a longtime listening who has braved the uncertain and choppy waters with me, thank you! If you are new, welcome aboard, I hope you find it all entertaining. It’s  only rock and roll, after all, and I like it!