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Pearl Jam Retrospective Part 1

It’s a Pearl Jam retrospective in which I play my favorite song from each of their

Short and Quick

The last show of the year is short and quick, as is this description. I am

Hello It’s Me Again

New music from AC/DC, Springstein, The Blue Van, and more. I am doing voiceover now. If


Lots of music news and new albums coming out. I have a continuous glucose monitor now

Everybody Knows

A collection of new and new/old music. Talk about Oregon fires and Trump hoodlums in PDX.

Joe Biden Campaign Playlist

  Joe Biden needs a campaign playlist and I’ve got one for him! I am doing

How Old is Mick Jagger?

Mick and Keith are 76 and still making great music. I try to get back to

Wear Your Freaking Mask

I go off on Coronavirus, the Trump shit show, and sports in the age of Corona.

Corona Birthday

My daughter has a happy 12th Corona birthday. I am taking Plex to the next level

Protest This!

Some days are better, some are worse but all the days are crazy. Religious leaders are