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Rock & Roll Jew Show – Queen, Beatles, and More!

I went and saw Bohemian Rhapsody movie and it was great. I finally found a CBD that

Rock & Roll Jew Show – More CBD Talk

For some reason, I can’t shut up about CBD. An update. Also, some ranting about politics.

Rock & Roll Jew Show – All About the CBD

On this exciting episode, I tell you all about my experiences with CBD, which is the

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Legendary Artists, No Modern Hits

An update on streaming music as I got the new YouTube Music app. Is it a

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Streaming Music Services

Google did something foolish, in my estimation, by announcing a new YouTube Music before it was

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Hello Again

We’re back with notes and organization and a more cohesive show. Song by John Cougar Mellencamp  – Minutes

Rock & Roll Jew Show – A New Beginning

It’s a potpourri of topics on this show. Talk about the future of the show. Song

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Dave Gets His Groove Back

Apologies for a rough start as my audio went south and had to do a hack

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Unhinged

I’m a little unhinged on this one. Talk about nothing really. Unhinged rambling and then… Song

Rock and Roll Jew Show – Trumped

Talk about the snow in Portland, OR. More than we have had in over 10 years.