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Rock & Roll Jew Show – Streaming Music Services

Google did something foolish, in my estimation, by announcing a new YouTube Music before it was

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Hello Again

We’re back with notes and organization and a more cohesive show. Song by John Cougar Mellencamp  – Minutes

Rock & Roll Jew Show – A New Beginning

It’s a potpourri of topics on this show. Talk about the future of the show. Song

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Dave Gets His Groove Back

Apologies for a rough start as my audio went south and had to do a hack

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Unhinged

I’m a little unhinged on this one. Talk about nothing really. Unhinged rambling and then… Song

Rock and Roll Jew Show – Trumped

Talk about the snow in Portland, OR. More than we have had in over 10 years.

Rock and Roll Jew Show – Blast from the Past

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! The first official return of the

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Back!

The Rock and Roll Jew Show is back. It’s different now and better than ever. Album

What is Old is New Again

Welcome back to the future. The Rock and Roll Jew Show lives! The Rock and Roll

Album Tracks 4 – Evolution

Welcome back to Album Tracks, a closer look at classic rock albums. This week: Journey –