Rock & Roll Jew Show – A Ton of Fun

There's a ton to talk about, sorry for the long exposition. I recover from heart surgery

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Sub Pop Records

  It’s a celebration of the great Sub Pop records and some of the progenitors of

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Chicks That Rock

This time it’s an all girl show! Also, check out the Jew who invented the first

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Rocketman

A review of the movie Rocketman. I talk about what Rodger Daltry says about the new

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Shuffle Play

Today we boldly hit shuffle play on my music collection and see what comes out. I

Rock & Roll Jew Show – The Alarm is Back

One of my favorite bands, The Alarm is back with a new album coming out soon.

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Guilty Pleasures

Today it’s a collection of guilty pleasures and/or forgotten gems. I am feeling much better and

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Alive

I survive open heart surgery and live to play more cool tunes for you all. I

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Short and Sweet

A shorter show this time, you can thank me later. I am shocked by what I

Rock & Roll Jew Show – Spotify/Podcasting/VO/Squid/NewMusic!

Oh, we have brand new music from The Raconteurs! Also new music from Catfish and Bottleman.