Lots of music news and new albums coming out. I have a continuous glucose monitor now

Everybody Knows

A collection of new and new/old music. Talk about Oregon fires and Trump hoodlums in PDX.

Joe Biden Campaign Playlist

  Joe Biden needs a campaign playlist and I’ve got one for him! I am doing

How Old is Mick Jagger?

Mick and Keith are 76 and still making great music. I try to get back to

Wear Your Freaking Mask

I go off on Coronavirus, the Trump shit show, and sports in the age of Corona.

Corona Birthday

My daughter has a happy 12th Corona birthday. I am taking Plex to the next level

Protest This!

Some days are better, some are worse but all the days are crazy. Religious leaders are

Corona Rock

In this pandemic, artists of all stripes are taking to their living rooms and bathrooms to

Epic Songs

My choices for the most epic rock songs of all time. A corona update and a

Shelter in Place

We’re hunkered down and we dodge a scare. I am doing voiceover now. If you need